10 Latest and Best Interactive Website Examples for Your Inspiration


APPS is a great interactive website created by VGNC company for liquor brands. Even though it is not easy for designers to build or accomplish an online website for alcohol products, this site has introduced its flagship product, APPLE CINDER, in a very cool and intuitive way.

2. Webflow

Webflow is not only an interactive website with a wide variety of animations, but also a useful online tool that helps designers and developers to create a responsive and visualized website with ease and efficiency.

3. Polish Christmas Guide

Polish Christmas Guide website is an interactive website for visitors to learn the Polish traditions of Christmas. With a cute cartoon look, it is very good for children to take a ride with Santa Claus and collect gifts that will present different traditions of Christmas in Poland.

4. Cyclemon

Cyclemon is a simple and beautiful interactive website that introduces a variety of bicycles. It stands out for a colorful illustration style. And as a cycling enthusiast, you can easily browse a series of beautiful bicycle illustrations in different categories to select your favorite one with simple parallax scrolling.

5. Climber

Climber is an online interactive website that introduces a creative company, Interactive Production Company that creates compelling digital products and experiences. Its forest theme is really unique and distinctive. Moreover, with various interactive and animated elements, you can smoothly check its design works and the related studio information with simple clicking and scrolling.

6. Alex Buga

Alex Buga is an excellent interactive portfolio website that nearly covers all aspects of designers, such as his personal photos, website design works, favorite songs, journals and blogs, etc.

7. Timothee Roussilhe

Timethee Roussilhe is a simple and creative resume website of a designer called Timothee Roussilhe. In order to provide visitors more pleasant and impressive experiences, the designer has added many creative and interesting interactive elements there.

8. Pieces

Pieces is a unique interactive website that has shown 30 endangered species with 30 pieces that can form animated animals, like helmeted hornbill, Vaquita, golden lion tamarin, golden poison frogs and more. And you can easily cycle through each animal and check their information and stories, including the dates of discovery, histories, videos and more, by simply clicking and scrolling.

9. Abbey Road Studio

Abbey Road Studio is an interactive website that gives site audiences an opportunity to step inside the famous British recording studio, Abbey Road Studio, online. It shows every nook and cranny of this famous studio in a visual and interactive way. And you can easily follow its footsteps to feel it and also discover some stories, images, videos and music related to this studio.

10. Chekhov

ChekHov is a fun interactive website with a unique illustration style and allows users to take a simple test ( answering 7 questions) to see which character they will be in the works of Chekhov.

Wrap Up

These are our collection of 10 latest and best interactive website examples that wisely and creatively use interactive/animated elements to present a remarkable and interesting website for site visitors. And many design ideas they adopt, like adding interactive games, using a beautiful and cute illustration/cartoon style, inserting some animated photos or icons, etc, are good and worth imitating. Hope you will get inspired and build a funny/cool/unique/interesting interactive website latter. (Click here to check 10 Interactive design examples for mobile app)



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