15 Best Free & Paid Task Management Tools for Design Teams in 2021

What is task management?

What Is Task Management

What is a task management tool?

How to choose a task management tool for your design team?

1). Write down all your needs in advance

2). Research popular ones on the market and make a list

3). Test out tools, and write down the pros and cons

4). Never forget the cost

20 best task management tools for design teams

1).Todoist — a simple, no-frills solution for individuals or small-sized teams

2).Clickup — a comprehensive option for a team of any sizes

3).Asana — an online option for dealing with complicated projects

4).Mockplus — an online product design platform for teams of any sizes to deal with design drafts and tasks in one place

5).Wrike — a free online project management tool to manage tasks with your team in real-time

6).Trello — a visual task manager that helps you manage tasks in a more flexible and rewarding way

7).Basecamp — a simple task management tool better for teams, not individuals

8).Monday.com — a customizable task management tool that help you manage tasks, projects and teamwork with ease

9).ProofHub — an online task management tool to organize and collaborate on your tasks

10.Nifty — a task management tool that combines collaboration, communication and automation

11).Taskworld — a cloud-based visual task management tool that helps better manage projects and tasks

12).Tasklog — a task management tool for freelancers worldwide

13).Any.do — a tool to organize your tasks, lists and reminders on nearly all devices available

14).Taskque — a smart online task management software for personal use

15.Hitask — a project and task management tool for teams

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