20 UI Design Interview Questions and Answers You Can’t Miss Out

1. What’s your understanding of UI design? (I was asked)

2. What is the average working day of a UI designer? (I was asked)

3. How do you get to know UI design? (I was asked)

4. Which is your favorite part about UI design? (I was asked)

5. Describe any projects you have worked in?

6. Please describe what your design process is?

7. What is the most difficult task you have encountered when doing UI design?

8. Why do you want to enjoy us? (i was asked)

9. How do you see yourself in five years?

10. Why should I hire you?(i was asked)

11. Where do you go for inspiration?(i was asked)

12. How do you work with others?

13. Before you start designing, is there any UX information you need to know?

14. What is your expertise as a UI designer?

15. Can you describe an app that meets your ideal UI design?

16. When can you start?

17. What If Your client think your product failed to meet their requirement?

18. What are your core areas of UI design expertise?

19. How would you redesign a well-known user interface?

20. Do you have any questions for us?




UX Design,UI Design, Web Design. I like sharing All thing about design!

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Amy Smith

Amy Smith

UX Design,UI Design, Web Design. I like sharing All thing about design!

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