This article simply discusses whether UX designers need to code and list the advantages of code.

Do UX designers code? The sure answer is “No”. The core work of UX designers is to concentrate on users’ needs and present a more comfortable experience while code is not the main requirement. In general, UX designers’ success doesn’t rely on code, but learning code pushes you to set up many advantages, especially in your teamwork.

1. Code easily

Learning code does not mean that you have to master different program languages day by day. The basic code of the front-end web referring…

Feedback forms are a very wide-used format by websites to gather feedback. Let’s take a look into what constructs a clear, friendly, and pleasant feedback experience, with examples.

Whether you are a housing rental service, an online shoe store or a lawyer, disciplines from varied sectors are attracting more and more business from the net world. This makes the landing page an extremely important portal to handle visitors, convert them into users, and eventually paying customers. How do you measure the effectiveness of your landing page? Next to having actual data on your demographic, is to use a feedback form.

15 Adobe XD plugins for designers and developers are covered in this collection to help you streamline your product design workflow.

With the open-platform XD community, thousands of plugins have been continuously developed for Adobe XD. Fortunately, designers benefit from the features of plugins for choosing favorite plugins to make the design faster and easier.

Here are 15 selected plugins that could greatly improve your workflow and focus your design itself. Let’s check out.


The prototyping tool market is gaining heat. This article takes a look at the Adobe XD and Sketch from various aspects, not aiming to decide a winner but to generate a clear view to help you make a choice.

Let’s begin with establishing the basic concept: we all understand what these tools both do. They are made specifically for software user interface design. That means they are competing with other on detailed design capabilities, prototyping abilities, sharing convenience and inspecting accuracy. We will base the companions on these aspects.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is developed by Adobe company started in 2015 under…

The best task management tool list is compiled to help design teams have full control of their design and review process in a breeze. A complete guide to help you manage tasks with ease.

Product teams often break up projects into a bunch of tasks, assign them to different members, set due dates and keep track of all tasks to ensure projects stay on track and get completed on time.

To better manage tasks and collaborate with team members, most design teams choose a handy task management tool to have full control of their design and review process.

In this…

We’ve brought you 20 of the best free vector image websites to help you find and download desired vector resources for your website or mobile app projects.

Vector images have a unique advantage over raster images. They are rather flexible and scalable enough not to lose quality even when you stretch them beyond their original size. As a popular graphical file format, vector images are made up by connecting a series of points, lines, and curves. The computer uses algorithms to connect these points and lines, and then color the outcome which are different shapes.

Zeplin or InVision? Don’t know which one is right for your team? Check the differences, pros and cons of each in designing, prototyping, collaboration, plugins, integration and design system management, and make the right decision for your team.

When talking about website or mobile app design and collaboration, design tools like Zeplin and InVision often come in mind and have attracted numerous fans around the world.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can randomly select one of them for your team since they are both unique in their own ways. Zeplin focuses more on the design collaboration and handoff process…

Web design software gives you the power to translate ideas into live products, test and iterate with your team without any coding. We’ve piled 10 of the best 10 best website design tools to help you create the next killer with ease.

An apprentice carpenter may want only ahammer and saw, but a master craftsman employs many precision tools.

- Robert L. Kruse, Data Structures andProgram Design

Talking about Web design in 2020, it is not only just ideas and brainstorming, but the major part is choosing the right tool to turn your ideas into products. Beside, the crisis brought…

When designers have transformed ideas and concepts into concrete and visualized images, what they still have to do is to find a proper way to hand off designs to developers.

To many designers, this handoff process is complicated, frustrating, and disastrous. Basically, it’s code, the culprit, that makes this process onerous.

A very common topic among designers: Adobe XD vs Sketch, which one is the best design software? It seems like Sketch has always been the first choice for UX/UI designers. But in the last few years, we have seen many new competitors in the area. Among them, another tool has stood out: Adobe XD.

Although Sketch inspired all the tools we see today, the rest tools, like Adobe XD, still have many pros compared with Sketch.

In this article, we’ve analyzed the cons and pros of them both: Sketch and Adobe XD, and see which one is right for you…

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