Do UX Designers Code?

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This article simply discusses whether UX designers need to code and list the advantages of code.

Do UX designers code? The sure answer is “No”. The core work of UX designers is to concentrate on users’ needs and present a more comfortable experience while code is not the main requirement. In general, UX designers’ success doesn’t rely on code, but learning code pushes you to set up many advantages, especially in your teamwork.

1. Code easily

Learning code does not mean that you have to master different program languages day by day. The basic code of the front-end web referring to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is important and enough for it controls what users have seen and how users interact with an application.

Once you are familiar with this code, you can print a simple functional prototype including preprocessors, frameworks, and pattern libraries on your own and quickly debug most HTML and CSS issues you have encountered without getting help from developers.

2. Team Communication

There is no wonder that your idea of UX design meets limitations and may not be approved by developers. More terrible, you have no idea about the inner factors causing the problems. Maybe the network issue, functions conflict, or even language errors. Lacking technical knowledge makes you confused and feel tired when putting your design from air to development.

However, learning the basic code helps you quickly figure out the types of difficulty and reduce the possibility of argument. As a part of your team, you can exchange your ideas with developers more easily and efficiently. Finally, you will come out with another solution from a technical angle to satisfy your UX design and put it on schedule as soon as possible.

3. Self-confidence

Learning code is an extra program that occupies your leisure time after work. It is tiring but worthwhile because you are gradually equipped with a new skill to prevent misunderstandings or confusion from occurring in your daily work as soon as possible.

When your idea has started from the root, you will spend less time quickly judging what is or isn’t possible and have the full confidence to convert the complex functions easily in another method.

4. Job Competition

Understanding users’ needs and giving a comfortable experience is the main work for UX designers. When it comes to the job interview, knowing code shows your multi-faced skills and the foundation in coding, which makes an impressive working value to big giants.

Have you got the information that Google has already listed Javascript, HTML, and CSS as minimum qualifications for UX designers? Coding is a benefit for you to take over both the design and front end of stage applications, which makes your job career more competitive.

Which code should UX designers pick up?

Through several years’ working and self-study, you have surely formed a scientific flow to solve problems immediately and master all skills as a junior UX designer. If you want to be a senior UX designer, these 5 advanced skills you should acknowledge as soon as possible.

  1. Information Architecture

Most UX designers’ work is to create websites and applications developed by HTML and CSS. Learning to code by HTML & CSS is basic and helpful to build your own project in a short time.

Mastering the basic logic structure not enables you to realize all common elements of front-end design and development and also helps to learn more complex languages.


JavaScript is the most widely used on every web browser and spares the rookies from the chore of setting up a developing environment. Each newcomer has access to code and gets support from the online community.

In addition, JavaScript provides an open platform for beginners to expand skills such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative styles of programming into other languages like python, Java, or C++.


With the increase of the iOS App in the market, more companies have encouraged employees to use Swift to develop the environment. Although it is a bit harder to learn but promises wonderful effects. When You change some code and can see the results immediately in a live App

Q1:What are the essential skills for a UX designer?

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Q2:Do you need to be creative to be a UX designer?

Of course, you need it. As an outstanding UX designer, you have to keep the passion and creation to improve the delightful experience when users interact with your products, or else you will come out with poor functions.

But you really need to balance business interests and consider the developers’ limitations, then carefully add your inspiration to the working schedule. This work will be a big challenge in your daily work.

Q3:How do I get a UX job with no experience?

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